Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hackney City farm.

I went to Hackney city farm on Sunday. It was free and very good.

I should have had a camera with me. It was sunny out too so they would have been the best photos ever, the fact that I had no plans to visit the farm when I left the house does not excuse that I left without a camera.

There were fashiongays on a date there who were talking in the rabbit and rat and chinchilla bit.
fashiongay1: chinchilla, where do I know that name from?
fashinogay2: it's a kind of coat.
It made me sing this song when I thought about it later . . . CHINCHILLA CHINCHILLA Who's got the keys to my bimmer? I like to cover songs and make them be about animals. IM JUST A PANDA, A DIZZEE PANDA. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME BRING YOUR POSSE BRING YOUR CREW IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME WATCH ME EAT BAMBOO.
I'm too genius, it hurts even sometimes.

It smelled like animal poo there, but in the best way ever. They had a donkey with a big mangled looking penis, some pretty goats, some big fat asleep pigs, a black farm cat, meek looking ducks and a chicken with funny looking feet.

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